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TimeZone Level 4 Tools


Hairspring Collet Levers

 This Bergeon set of two hairspring collet tools is useful for rotating the collet on the balance staff, as well as a variety of other tasks. This is a useful set. 


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Bergeon Fine Tip Hand Levers

Pair of fine tip hand levers in hardened steel with a high polished finish. 2.5 mm width x 0.20 mm thickness at the tip. Overall length is 110 mm.


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Bergeon 30018-1 Pair Of Fine Hand Levers

Introducing the brand new Bergeon fine hand levers. You are looking at the Mercedes Benz of all hand levers. This is a must have tool for any watchmaker who only wants the best.

The front part is made of hardened steel with a notch to make it easier for placement. It has "Mirror Polish" tips. The lever angle is approximately 70 degrees for a more comfortable hand removal. It comes in a copper anodized aluminium knurled handle. The length is 105 mm.


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Horotec Lever-Type Red Hand Removers, 2.5 MM

For wrist watches.

Tips are 2.50 mm wide.


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Horotec Set of 4 Hand Setting Tools

Set includes MSA-05.010 (0.5/1.0mm), MSA-05.011 (0.80mm/no hole), MSA-05.012 (1.5/2.0mm), and MSA-05.019 (0.65/1.10mm).


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Movement Holder for Valjoux 7750

Plastic reversible movement holder for the Valjoux 7750.


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Bergeon Mainspring Winder to fit ETA 7750

To Fit VAL/ETA 7750 also for ETA 7751, 7753 and 7754



Right Handed Handle Only For Arbors 30082-M

Right Handed.



Exclusive Bergeon Only Product Brass Tweezers with Gold Flash Plating Style 1AM

Made by Dumont in Switzerland Exclusively for Bergeon these Gold Plated brass tweezers won't discolor or oxidize like a regular brass tweezers will.


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Exclusive Bergeon Only Product Brass Tweezers with Gold Flash Plating Style 2AM

Made by Dumont in Switzerland Exclusively for Bergeon these Gold Plated brass tweezers won't discolor or oxidize like a regular brass tweezers will.


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Bergeon 5206-40 Transparent Plastic Stick

Can be sharpened and shaped to your desired style without flaking. 4mm diameter. 150mm Long


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Molykote DX Paste

Light-colored grease-paste with solid lubricants for assembly and long-term lubrication of metallic components. Recommended by ETA for lubrication of calibers 251.262 and 251.272, etc...
Sold in 50 gram tube.


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Jaxa Swiss-Made Case Holder (Small)

 This excellent quality 4-pin, Swiss-made, Jaxa case holder (and similar models below) is indispensable for holding a watch while opening the back with a hand wrench. It is also useful for holding the watch on the bench while working on the cased movement. This unit, like all our case holders, will not mar the case. Bergeon lists that this holder has a maximum capacity of 35 MM, but we have been able to fit our 41 mm case onto the holder. We have also tested cases up to 44 mm in diameter. 


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JaxaSwiss-Made Case Holder (Large) 5685

 The extra-large holder may be necessary for very large, water-reistant or "divers-type" watches. This holder will hold from 18 mm diameter all the way up to 66 mm in diameter. Otherwise is is like the Jaxa above. 


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Bergeon 7404, Set of 3 Hand Setting Tools

Set of three new double ended hand setting tools, Bergeon Swiss made. Contains 7404-1 (0.50 mm x 1.0 mm), 7404-2 (0.80 mm x 1.50 mm) and 7404-3.


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Bergeon Hand Fitting Tool

 This convenient hand setting tool provides a metal base holding a handle and eight tips with hole sizes of .30, .50, .70, 1.15, 1.50, 1.70 mm, solid steel, and solid nylon. It's a very convenient setup.  


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Bergeon 5409 Movement Holder for Attaching Hands

This holder allows the attaching (setting) of hands on the movement without putting undue pressure on the center wheel shaft that might displace or damage the top plate jewel. The movement is centered on the surface of the holder, and a pin in the base rises and meets the center wheel jewel on the top plate, supporting it while pressure is applied to the hands.


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Bergeon Tool for Adjusting Eccentric Screw on ETA 7750

Screwdriver with adapted blade to adjust the eccentric screw of the minute counter for the calibre range ETA Valjoux 7750. Also for Calibers 7751, 7753, 7754, 7757, 7758, 7760, 7765, 7768, 7770, A07.211 and A07.231


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Thanks, Bob Frei
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