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TimeZone Level 3 Toolkits

To begin, here are the recommended parts and tools you will need: 1) ETA Etachron Stud Removal Tool Part # AF-015600, 2) ETA Etachron Regulator Adjusting Tool Part # AF-015595, 3) Screwdrivers, 4) Tweezers, 5) Eye loupe (4x and 10x), 6) Movement holder, 7) Rodico, 8) Bergeon Polystyrene Redstick, Part # 6436, for assembling and disassembling the hairspring stud (Recommended!), 8a) Staking Tool or small 1.2mm screwdriver for pushing back the stud (Not as desirable as the Bergeon Polystyrene Redstick), 9) Extra balance w/spring Ebauches part # 721 might be needed, 10) Timing Machine and Demagnetizer (will be needed in Level 3 Part 3)

Bergeon 31081-TETC ETA Chron Regulator Adjusting Tool

Screwdriver with blade to turn out ETACHRON Pitons. Fine adjustment of the spiral centering between the racket pins. Has small opening at the tip for adjusting the regulator pins. Overall length: 3.75 inches.


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Bergeon 30081-EETC ETA Chron Stud Removing Tool

Screwdriver with blade to remove ETACHRON Pitons. Has small fork shaped tip for removing the stud block. Overall length: 3.75 inches.

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$1,400.00 $1,099.00 On Sale!
TYMC Watch Tester MTG-5000H

High definition color display.

All machines come factory calibrated at 18.0000 mhz. The frequency, may drift after a few years and by using a frequency meter you can recalibrate the timer to 18.0000 mhz. Frequency meter not supplied with machine.

The timegrapher MTG-5000H is used to test the performances of mechanical watches. It is a high-grade model of the MTG-H series which has higher test accuracy and more powerful functions.

There are the displays of diagrams of beat noise, the numerical values of rate, amplitudes and beats errors, adding the maximum differences of rates and amplitudes among various positions when executing programmed testing. It serves the function of long-term monitoring of rate and amplitude. 960 dots extraordinary long diagram of beat noise can be displayed on the LCD. Test with +/- 0.2 seconds per day high degree of accuracy can be carried out. There is perfect print function, the diagram and values mentioned above all can be printed by heat sensitive printer (sold separately). It serves the functions of multi-rate display, time and calendar display, acoustic stimulation of beat noise. This tester is designed as an all-in-one structure. The machine, the power adapter, and the microphone are all combined onto one chassis. The new flip-screen protects the display from scratches and dusts when not in use.


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Standard Balance Complete Found in ETA 2801-2, 2804, 2836-2 & More Sold Without Balance Bridge

ETA 28,800 BPH Balance Complete to fit these popular calibers.

ETA: 2801, 2801-1, 2801-2, 2804, 2804-1, 2804-2, 2805, 2810, 2811, 2816, 2816-1, 2821, 2821-1, 2821-2, 2821R, 2824, 2824-1, 2824-2, 2824-A2, 2824R, 2825, 2825R, 2830, 2830R, 2831, 2831R, 2834-1, 2834-2, 2836, 2836-1, 2836-2
Benrus K61D21
Bulova 1373.30, 1373.11, 1373.30, 1373.50, 1412.11, 1413.10, 1413.11, 1413.30
Tissot 3051, 3052, 3103, 3104, 3108, 3152.

Standard Balance Completes are sold without balance bridge attached. this is the normal way all balance completes are sold.




Bergeon Polystyrene Red Stick

Polystyrene stick with pointed end on one side and flat end on the other. Length is 135 mm with 4 mm diameter.


High Amperage Pass Through Demagnetizer

The unit has superior field strength due to the relatively high amperage that it draws. The consequence is fairly rapid heating of the field coil. It is recommended that a single duty cycle be limited to 5 seconds on and 3 minutes off, or three 5 seconds cycles on and 10 minutes off. This unit is wired with a thermal protector. If the above duty cycles are not observed, the thermostat may open and the unit will not operate until it has cooled sufficiently. Features a 1 1/2" X 3" opening.


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