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Pin Vises


Sliding-Lock Pin Vise

 This Bergeon pin vise uses a slide lock for the steel jaws. The body of the tool is nickel-plated brass. The opening is 0.0 to 1.5 millimeter. Sometimes the conventional pinvise with rotating collar is difficult to use in one-handed operation. The sliding-lock design of this tool is the perfect, sometimes indispensable, solution. I have one and use it a lot. 


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Bergeon Pin Vise for Holding Hairsprings

Bergeon 4072


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Good Quality Pin Vise Set 1842B

 This Bergeon Swiss-made pinvise set includes four handles, each of which carries two bits (one in the back end of the handle). The pin vise is a basic and essential tool for the watchmaker, and this is a very decent set at a decent price. Constructed of nickel-plated brass, this set is bettered only by Bergeon's first-quality set, FB-762. 


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Bergeon 30026A Pin Vise Set, First-Quality

 This assortment of first-quality pin vises is a must for any serious watchmaker who can afford them. These often-used tools are beautifully machined and finished. Each handle except the smallest size is provided with two different bits, one in use, the other in the back of the handle. This is another one of those indispensables. 


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Bergeon Pin Vise # 5860

This is a very normal quality pin vise from Bergeon with two reversible chucks and is good for the watchmaker who is not quite ready yet to get the great First-Quality Bergeon Pin Vise Set at this time.

Pin Vise 5860 has opening from 0-2.1 on one end and 1.9-3 mm on the other and the lenght is 108 mm, about 4 inches.


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Bergeon Pin Vise # 5679

This is a very normal quality pin vise with two chucks. Opening from 0-1.5, 1.9-3 mm, length 115 mm.


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