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Hands And Accessories Page for TZWS Movements


Dials For TZWS Movements


Cases for TZWS Movements


Leather Straps for the 18 mm lug size Case #1


Watch Hands For TimeZone Watch School Movements


Link To TZ Watch School Parts Page


Time Zone Watch School Tool Kits


Case Style #5 Fits ETA 2824-2 and 2836-2


Bergeon 6938 Dial Protection

For those who don't want to scratch and damage their dials while removing hands, this Bergeon dial protector is the tool to use. It's made of resistant synthetic material. Thickness of 0.15 mm. Color is off white.


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Extra Long 20 mm Stem for ETA 2801-2

Also for ETA 2804-2, 2824-2, 2836-2, 2846 2821-2, 2824-A2, 2834-2, 2840, 2842, & 2846

Longines 633.5, 636.5, 639.2, 640.1, 641.1


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Case Style #4 Fits ETA 2801-2, 2804-2 and the 2824-2


Bergeon Hand Setting Tool 7404-2

Made for larger hands on both mechanical movements and chronograph quartz watches. Double sided, on one end the diameter of the hole is 0.80 mm and the other end is 1.50 mm. This tool is a lifesaver and a timesaver and will also help with hole sizes smaller and larger than the listed sizes.




Case Openers and Holders


Hand & Wheel Removers - Setters


Jaxa Swiss-Made Case Holder (Small)

 This excellent quality 4-pin, Swiss-made, Jaxa case holder (and similar models below) is indispensable for holding a watch while opening the back with a hand wrench. It is also useful for holding the watch on the bench while working on the cased movement. This unit, like all our case holders, will not mar the case. Bergeon lists that this holder has a maximum capacity of 35 MM, but we have been able to fit our 41 mm case onto the holder. We have also tested cases up to 44 mm in diameter. 


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Stem for FM(ST)97, ST 96 & Others

Stem for Standard & Font movements. Font FHF 97, Standard 97, FHF 974, Standard 974, Standard 96 and Standard 96-4


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Top Glass Gasket For the See-thru Back Case

Works for Case #1 only.

Top Gasket

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Set of Top & Bottom Glass Gaskets For the See-thru Back Case

Works for Case #1 only.

Top & Bottom Gaskets

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Bottom Glass Gasket For the See-thru Back Case

Works for Case #1 only.

Bottom Gasket

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Top Sapphire Glass 1.3 mm Thick For See-thru Back Case


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Bottom Sapphire Glass 1.12 mm Thick For See-thru Back Case


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Set of Two Sapphire Crystals Top & Bottom For See-thru Back Case

Sapphire Top & Bottom

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LG Hand Wrench for Screw-Case Backs

 Among the hand-held wrenches, this is probably the best. Supplied with four different sets of bits, this triple-bit wrench is American made and of high quality. Like all hand wrenches, the LG should be used with one of our case holders. This stabilizes the watch and reduces the liklihood of slipping. Another advantage of the LG Wrench is that it is designed so it can be used with the LG Openall CO-650 shown below. When used with the CO-650 it is almost impossible to slip and scratch the case back.

Comes with four sets of three bits and replacement bits are available if you ever need them. Will open to about 36-38 mm distance between post.



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Economy Case Wrench, without Box.

The ban is over! Please see above product description, for beginners to try on old beat-up Watches.


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Bergeon #6 Presto Hand Remover White Handle

 This Presto is intended for removal of sweep seconds hands, but is excellent for the hour and minute hands of many wristwatches (as well as subsidiary hands like power reserve, date, etc). This is a very useful tool for most watchmakers and along with the Presto #1 (FB-400) and Bergeon 6016 (FB-410) is among my favorites. I use this Presto #6 more than any other hand remover. 


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Bergeon #1 Presto Hand Remover Black Handle

 Sized for most wristwatches, this tool provides twin blades that slip under the hub of the hand and a plunger on top that holds the hand once removed. As the sides of the tool are squeezed, the nylon blocks on the dial descend, push on the dial surface, and lift the hand straight off the pinion. I use this tool regularly. I thin down and polish the blades for use on small wristwatches so that they are as thin and smooth as possible. Always protect the dial when using this or any other hand-remover tool. The Presto #6 (FB-405) and Bergeon 6016 (FB-410) are two other very useful tools for wristwatches. If you're going to have only one hand remover for contemporary wristwatches, make it the Presto #6 (FB-405). 


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Sweep Second Hand in Gold
Fits both the ETA 2836-2 and the FM(ST)97.
These hands are a little long and have to be cut to size.
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Pink Gold Color - Rose Gold Color Dauphine Shape, Pair Hour Minute Watch Hands

Some call this color Pink Gold others call the color Rose Gold, both names are correct. These pink gold - rose gold watch hands come in the popular 1.50 millimeter hour hole size and the 0.90 millimeter minute hole size found on many ETA movements like ETA 2801, ETA 2836-2, ETA 2824-2, ETA 2804-2.

Facetted Dauphine Style Watch Hands, Pink Gold Color - Rose Gold Watch Hands
Hole size Minute Hand
0.90 by length 12mm
Hole size Hour Hand
1.50 mm by length 8.5 mm.


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Sweep Second Hand in White
Fits both the ETA 2836-2 and the FM(ST)97.
These hands are a little long and have to be cut to size.
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Luminous Sports Hands Silver 90/150, 13.75 x 9 mm

Minute hole size : 0.90 mm length 13.75 mm
Hour hole size : 1.50 mm length 9.0mm

Light Green tinted 8 hour Japanese luminous material.


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Price $5.00 $3.95 $2.95 $2.15

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