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The New & Improved Otto Frei Multifunction Timegrapher Watch Timing Machine No. 1000

Test and displays Amplitude, along with displaying on the LCD screen the beat noise, rate in seconds per day is displayed as either fast or slow and the beat error in "ms" milli-seconds is also tested. Automatically discovers 9 different beat rates 12,000 14,400, 18,000, 19800, 21600, 25200, 28800, 36000 and 43,200 bph. Those 9 beat rates are automatically identified by this tester in just a few seconds or you can change and manually set the beat rate to be tested. This new improved 1000 Timer can test 56 different beat rates from super slow 3,600 BPH to ultra fast 43,200 BPH by manually selecting the rate. The lift angle is pre-set to default value of 52 degrees. If you know the correct lift angle of the watch you are testing you can manually set the correct lift angle to get the most accurate Amplitude measurement possible. Uses the standard microphone rotates to six different positions and opens to 50 mm wide. The power supply is single phase AC110V-250V, power consumption is about 8 watts. 1 year warranty.
Displays daily rate in seconds per day (+/-300 s/d), Accurate to (+/-1 s/d).
Amplitude: 100 - 350 degree, allowable tolerance (+/-3 degree).
Beat error: 0-4.0ms, allowable tolerance (+/-0.1ms).
Life angle: 30-60 degree, ex-works value: 52 degree.
While testing using the tester, you can hear the sound of the beat noise from a built in speaker, you can turn on and off the sound as you wish.

Now it is possible to own a timer that test for Amplitude for less than $190.00 dollars!

Amplitude reading is taken with the watch in the horizontal position (dial up or dial down) a good amplitude reading would be in the 275 to 315 range. While it is not necessary to know the correct lift angle of the balance to get an accurate timing reading to get an accurate Amplitude reading you do have to set the machine to the correct lift angle of the balance of the movement being tested for Amplitude. Comes with 1 year warranty.


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$1,400.00 $1,099.00 On Sale!
TYMC Watch Tester MTG-5000H

High definition color display.

All machines come factory calibrated at 18.0000 mhz. The frequency, may drift after a few years and by using a frequency meter you can recalibrate the timer to 18.0000 mhz. Frequency meter not supplied with machine.

The timegrapher MTG-5000H is used to test the performances of mechanical watches. It is a high-grade model of the MTG-H series which has higher test accuracy and more powerful functions.

There are the displays of diagrams of beat noise, the numerical values of rate, amplitudes and beats errors, adding the maximum differences of rates and amplitudes among various positions when executing programmed testing. It serves the function of long-term monitoring of rate and amplitude. 960 dots extraordinary long diagram of beat noise can be displayed on the LCD. Test with +/- 0.2 seconds per day high degree of accuracy can be carried out. There is perfect print function, the diagram and values mentioned above all can be printed by heat sensitive printer (sold separately). It serves the functions of multi-rate display, time and calendar display, acoustic stimulation of beat noise. This tester is designed as an all-in-one structure. The machine, the power adapter, and the microphone are all combined onto one chassis. The new flip-screen protects the display from scratches and dusts when not in use.


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