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Rouges & Polishes


Dialux Rouge Blue

For Super Fine finishing for all metals.




Dialux Rouge White

Very fine buffing to give a shine for all metals.




Dialux Rouge Grey

For Stainless Steel.




Dialux Rouge Yellow

For tender metals like copper, brass, etc. and plastic.




Dialux Rouge Vornex

Inital polish for erasing marks and scratches on all metals.




Dialux Rouge Red

For Gold and Silver.




Dialux Rouge Green

For very hard steel, chrome, cobalt, etc.




Green Rouge 1/4 Pound

 Green rouge is recommended for use on white gold, platinum, chrome, and stainless steel. I have been very impressed with this rouge on good stainless cases. One-quarter pound bar. 


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Royal Velvet Red Rouge, 1 Pound

 This rouge is excellent for producing the final color and luster on yellow and white gold, and can be used on other metals, as well as plexi crystals. A one pound bar. 


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Satin Finish Bar, Fine

 This abrasive-impregnated rubber block provides the kind of brushed and satin finishes seen from the factory. I have never been able to reproduce it with any other abrasive of any type. The block, or squared pieces cut from it, should be used in very straight, light, even, uni-directional strokes over the entire length of the surface. Blow the surface free of debris between strokes for the most even finish. This is an indispensable product for those refinishing brushed and satined surfaces. 


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Satin Finish Bar, Medium

 The medium grade provides a brushed, rather than satin surface. This grade can also be used for cleaning and rust removal on steel parts. 


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Satin Finish Bar, Coarse

 The coarse grade matches the brushed finish on those watches where the medium grade is too fine. 


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4 Inch Combed Finex Muslin Buffs

 These four inch buffs are ideal for use on a buffing machine with all our rouges. Be sure to use a different buff for each compound and to never mix them. I write the name of the compound on the side of the buff with a felt-tipped pen. These are very high-quality buffs and highly recommended. For more agressive cutting (to remove deeper scratches, etc.), use solid felt buffs, which are available in different grades of hardness. 


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PolyWatch Crystal Polish Two Tubes

Removes scrathes from plastic watch crystals. Apply a small amount and polish with a cotton cloth. Two tubes for the price of one, with a suggested retail of $6.95 to $9.95 per tube.


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Thanks, Bob Frei
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