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Pliers & Stem Cutters


Euro Tool Stem Cutting Plier

Side cutting pliers with tungsten carbide jaws for cutting watch stems.




Lindstrom Oblique Cutter

 The oblique cutter allows cutting flush with a surface, but must only be used on finer and softer materials to preserve the edge. For heavier cutting tasks, use the diagonal cutter, FB-1004. 


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Lindstrom Flat Nose Pliers

 The flatnose pliers is useful for a variety of tasks and is highly recommended. 


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Lindstrom Diagonal Cutter

 The diagonal cutter is useful for a variety of cutting tasks. While it will not cut absolutely flush with a surface (get out those files!), it's edge is much more durable than that of the oblique cutter, FB-1002. This diagonal cutter is a must for any watchmaker. 


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Lindstrom Needle-Nose Pliers

 The Lindstrom pliers, are simply the finest made. Hardened and finished to the standards of a fine watch movement, these pliers offer gripable and comfortable soft, textured, white plastic handles over steel. This needle-nose (or chain-nose) is an essential for the watchmaker. There are less expensive pliers around (see below, beginnin FB-1005), but I think the Lindstroms are worth the money and will pay for themselves in durability and excellent function over time. 


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German-Made Round Nose Pliers

 This very good quality Frei & Borel, German-made round nose plier is used for a variety of tasks that require a radiused bend in a part. These are essential for the serious watchmaker. These German pliers are of excellent quality in comparison to everything but the Swedish Lindstrom. They are in use by many watchmakers and jewelers and are highly recommended for those who would like to save some money over the Lindstrom alterantives. (Note that the Lindstrom round-nose plier is not currently available, but we are expecting to offer it in the future.) 


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German-Made Flat-Nose Pliers

 See the note on FB-1003 about flat-nose pliers. Very good quality, second to the Lindstroms. 


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German-Made Chain-Nose Pliers

 This is a medium, needle-nose pliers. See FB-1001 about needle-nose pliers. Very good quality, second to the Lindstroms. 


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German-Made Diagonal Cutter

 See the note on FB-1004 about diagonal cutters. Very good quality, second to the Lindstroms. 


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Lindstrom Short Chain-Nose Pliers

Lindstrom quality in a short, strong, chain-nose pliers.


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Lindstrom Round-Nose Pliers

Lindstrom quality in a round-nose pliers. A round nose plier is a useful tool for any watchmaker, and these are the best.


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Thanks, Bob Frei
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