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Movement Holders


Movement Holder, Bergeon 4040 Classic Large

 This reversible movement holder for 8 3/4 to 19 ligne movements is the Bergeon, Swiss-made classic. It's as servicable as any other and at a very good price. 


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Bergeon 4040-P Plastic Classic Large Movement Holder

 This reversible movement holder for 8 3/4 to 19 ligne movements is the Bergeon, Swiss-made classic. Bergeon has improved on the design of the popular 4040 movement holder. Using hardened plastic instead of steel, this eliminates potential scratching of the movement.  


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Movement Holder, Bergeon 4039 Classic Small

 This holder is like the FB-807, but accomodating movements between 3 3/4 and 11 lignes. 


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Bergeon 4039-P Plastic Classic Small Movement Holder

 Accomodates movements between 3 3/4 and 11 lignes. Made with hardened plastic to eliminate potential scratching of the movement.  


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Movement Holder, Pocket Watches

 This is a good-quality Bergeon holder for larger movements, up 73mm in diameter. 


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Economy Movement Cups

 These tapered, plastic round rings are for holding movements from 7 1/2 lignes to 22 1/2 lignes. They don't look like much, but they work and cost about as much as a good hamburger. 


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New Bergeon Case Cushion With Plastic Ring

Made by Bergeon under the request of Rolex®, who were concerned that the metal ring of the old cushion could somehow scratch the case.


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Case Cushion

 This Bergeon case cushion is leather-covered and provides protection for the watch while pressing on snap backs or otherwise putting pressure on the watch case. 


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Movement Holder for Valjoux 7750

Plastic reversible movement holder for the Valjoux 7750.


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