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Miscellaneous Tools - 1


Bergeon 4251 Cutting Broach Assortment, Larger Sizes

 This assortment of four-sided cutting broaches is invaluable for a variety of tasks from enlarging hand tubes, to cutting holes in the ends of mainsprings. Each has a small plastic handle, with sizes from .33 to .69 millimeter. 


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Bergeon 3008 Cutting Broach Assortment, Smaller Sizes

 Like FB-704, but sizes ranging from .05 to .20 millimeter. 


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Brass-Nylon Mallet, 5.8 Ounce

 Like the FB-705, but in a 5 ounce size. For the occassional heavy job. 


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Seitz Jeweling Kit

 This Seitz jeweling press, with an assortment of punches and stumps, allows removal and insertion of all types of jewels from plates and bridges. This is a wonderful set that speaks to old-time craftsmanship, and you will use it for a lifetime. 


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Bergeon 6820 Bezel Remover

 This Bergeon, Swiss-Made case bezel remover is simply the finest of its type. It is used to remove the press-fit bezel of divers-type watch cases and functions with extraordinary precision and control. 


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Roller Remover

 This tool helps remove the impulse and safety rollers from the balance staffs of larger watches. It's not a wonderfully-made tool, but it gets the job done. 


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Bergeon Swiss-Made Staking Tool Set in Wood Box

 This Bergeon, Swiss-made staking tool set is simply the best, and it is an indispensable tool for the serious watchmaker. Used for an endless range of tasks, the staking tool does everything from reducing the size of hand tubes, to pinning wheels to pinions. I have tried some other staking sets, including the more expensive American-made K&D set, and the Bergeon is better in every single regard. The Bergeon set includes staking tool, 100 punches, and 20 stumps in a wooden box. The metal plate on the box identifies the size of each punch. A variety of accesories for specialized tasks is also available, and a brochure of these parts is provided with the set. This is the tool for any serious watchmaker. 


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Bergeon 3010 Tube-Tightener Set in Wood Box

 This terrific, first-quality tool provides a way to conveniently tighten hand tubes, crown tubes, and case tubes the proper way: by compressing the tube all the way around (rather than simply nicking it in one spot). While a complete staking set will provide this function, this tool is considerably more convenient for a small job here and there. This is an expensive tool, but will provide a lot of utility for the serious watchmaker. The extraordinarily well-made set accomodates tubes between 0.40 and 2.60 millimeters. 


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Bergeon Detachable Bench Vise

 This incredibly well-made vice is attached to a small plate srewed to the bench. When the vice is not in use, it can be removed with the flip of a single lever and stored out of the way. I wouldn't be without one of these and, given the quality, the price is reasonable. 


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Bergeon Lever Set

 This assortment of top-quality levers is useful for everything from hand removal to the turning and setting of balance spring collets. This is a beautiful set of useful tools. 


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Bergeon Cutters in Wood Box

 The Bergeon set includes six double-ended cutters for enlarging holes, cleaning screw heads, cleaning dial feet, and adding beveling to holes. This is a very useful, elegant, really well-made set of tools. 


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Roller Remover Vydiax

 This Bergeon Vadiax roller remover is used to remove, rotate, or replace the balance shaft impulse and safety rollers. But the tool is also useful for a variety of holding tasks, and I think it is indispensable for any watchmaker. 


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Hairspring Collet Levers

 This Bergeon set of two hairspring collet tools is useful for rotating the collet on the balance staff, as well as a variety of other tasks. This is a useful set. 


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Watchmakers Hammer

 Bergeon watchmakers hammer 1438-C3, 200 mm long wooden handle with a polished steel 70 mm head. Wooden handle, polished steel, one end is flat and the other is chisel shaped. 


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Bergeon 4733 Cannon Pinion Tightener

 This pliers-type cannon-pinion tightener is one quick way to increase friction on the center wheel pinion.  


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Seitz Attachment to Tighten Cannon Pinions

To tighten cannon pinion, fit the special pusher to the spindle and the special stake to the platform of the jeweling tool. The blades must be exactly opposite each other, and the micrometer screw must be set before the work is started.


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