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Bracelet & Strap Tools


First-Quality Spring Bar Tool

 The FB-504 comes with one tip that is reversible in the handle: a small fork on one end and a pin on the other. The other tip is a large fork, which is the most useful end for removing spring bars quickly on leather straps. The large folk end is just about the only tool which will remove the bars on Seiko rubber divers bands. Order an extra set of replacement tips and use the large fork in one end of the handle and the pin pusher in the other end. The small fork grabs the most stubborn of spring bars on the backside of metal bracelets and makes removal easy and reliable. The pin tip is for pushing out open-lug spring bars and press fit bracelet pins. 


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First-Quality Spring Bar Tool With Bergeon's Name Stamped On It

  This is the exactly the same tool as the FB-504, which sells for $24.80 and made at the same factory in Switzerland. The only things different is this tool has the name Bergeon Stamped on it and price $37.94 instead of $24.80 for the FB-504. This tool is for those who have to have tools stamped with the Bergeon name. Please be aware that others might sell this spring bar tool and call it the Bergeon tool, however it does not have the Bergeon name or part number stamped on it. 


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Set of Two Tips for First-Quality Spring Bar Tool


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Fork End For The First-Quality Spring Bar Tool
Large Fork Tip.
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Reversible Pin & Small Fork End For The First-Quality Spring Bar Tool
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Standard Bergeon 3153 Spring Bar Tool

 This is the standard black plastic spring bar tool that we see everywhere. This is a useful tool and if you don't have a spring bar tool and don't want to go for the slightly more expensive modern Bergeon 6111 (FB-504), this is the one to get. The forked tip is used to release spring bars. Make sure it stays sharp and in good condition, for otherwise it will begin to slip with messy results. The pin end of the tool is used to push out bars from open hole lugs and to push out press fit bracelet pins. Order spare tips below. 


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Forked Replacement Tips for FB-500


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Pin End Replacement tips for FB-500


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$164.86 $148.00 On Sale!
Bergeon Pliers to Fit Spring Bars

This Bergeon Tool was designed to help with the installation of new modern bracelets like those made by Omega and a few others. Does not work on Rolex® Bracelets, for those use the First-Quality Spring Bar Tool. Otto Frei, www.ofrei.com is not affilated or sponsored by Rolex® Watch U.S.A

Place spring bar in the bracelet, compress the spring bar with the tool, lock it, then put the bracelet in place and release and lift the pliers. The width adjusts from 10 to 30 mm and locks by turning a screw. The tool has notches for positioning of the forks from 0 to 45 degree angle for easy of use. Stainless steel forks that come with these pliers are reversible, 1.3 mm fork opening, thickness at tip end .33 mm, and tube body diameter 1.65 mm.

Replacement tips are available.

Regularly: $164.86
On Sale Now: $148.00

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$164.86 $148.00 On Sale!
Bergeon 6825-PF Pliers to Fit Spring Bars with Fine Fork

Same as Bergeon 6825 Pliers to Fit Spring Bars, but comes with Bergeon 6825-FF Fine Fork Points instead of the standard fork end.

Not For Omega! If you are working on Omega Bracelets use the Original 6825 with normal size tips. This tool has the fine tips and it was developed a year or so later. Bergeon cannot say that any of its tools will work on Rolex®, however the feedback from customers is that this tool will work on that brand. Make sure you measure the spring bar opening of your bracelet as this tool only fits spring bar openings no smaller than 1.40 mm. If your watch has a smaller opening than 1.40 mm, you may want to use the Bergeon 7825 Extra Fine Forked Tweezers which accommodates spring bar openings no smaller than 1.00 mm. Otto Frei, www.ofrei.com is not affilated or sponsored by Rolex® Watch U.S.A

The 1.40 mm diameter of the forks will not fit on watches with smaller spring bar opening. Please measure the opening as shown in photo before ordering.

Regularly: $164.86
On Sale Now: $148.00

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Replacement Fork / Tip For Bergeon Pliers to Fit Spring Bars

Stainless steel forks are reversible, 1.3 mm on one end and 1.65 mm on the other.




Spare Fork Fine Points, Sold Per Piece For Bergeon 6825 Tool

Spare Fork Fine Points for the BERG-6825


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Bergeon 7825 Extra Fine Forked Tweezers to Fit Spring Bars

Spring bar fitting tweezers with extra fine tips measuring at 1.00 mm diameter. This tool is great for bracelets with small spring bar openings. Allows to take off the bracelet from the watchcase without removing the clasp.


Out of Stock


Replacement Tips Bergeon 7825 Extra Fine Forked Spring Bar Tweezers, Sold Per Pair

Pair of replacement extra fine tips measuring at 1.00 mm diameter for the Bergeon 7825 Tweezers for removing and installing spring bars..




$15.95 $14.95 On Sale!
Screw-Type Link Pin Remover

 For anyone who does even a little work on metal bracelets with press fit pins, this is a great tool FB-506 (80189810*). The bracelet is stabilized in the cradle, and the threaded drift pushes out press-fit pins under complete control. Swiss made, and a very decent price too. Can handle bracelets up to 24 mm wide. 

Regular Price $15.95, On SALE Only $14.95

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Quantity   1 - 2     3+  
Price $15.95 $14.95
On Sale! $14.95 $13.10

Long Replacement Pin for FB-506 Link Remover


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Short Replacement Pin for FB-506 Link Remover


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Watch Bracelet Holder

 To be used while removing screws from bracelets, this tool provides a firm grip on the bracelet. 


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Bracelet Pin Remover, Base Only

 This is one single plastic base only of the FB-512. 


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BBracelet Link-Pin and Screw Remover Bergeon 7745-100

This Bergeon tool (now replaces the 6745-100) is the most complete product on the market for punching out pins or unscrewing screws on watch bracelets.

Supplied with one slotted base number 6744-P, one pin holder with drum number 6745-PG-A, two bases with adjustable height number 6745-SR-20 and 6745-SR-28, one mirror disc 7745-P, one set of 10 blades number 6745-M (sizes: 2x .80, 2x 1.00, 2x 1.20, 1x 1.50, 1x 2.00 mm) and 2 Phillips number 6745-MC (size: 1.50 and 2.00 mm) on polystyrene stand number 7745-MS, and one set of 6 pins number 6745-G (sizes: .40, .60, .80, 1.00, 1.50 & 2.0 mm) on polystyrene stand number 7745-GS.

The slotted base number 6744-P allows to maintain in a good position watches with leather or metal bracelet. Both bases number 6745-SR20 and 6745-SR28 allow the height adjustment.


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Bergeon 7745 GS Bracelet Link Pin Punches in Plastic Block

 This set of six punches (.40, .60, .80, 1.00, 1.50 & 1.80 mm) for bracelet pins may be used with the Bergeon press (FB-520, punches supplied) or separately. As punches sometimes break, these may be used as spares for those supplied with the FB-520.  


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Horotech Link Remover

This is a very well made tool that will allow you to both drive out links in bands, and unscrew band screws.


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Bergeon Leather Band Hole Punch

The best tool on the maket for making extra holes in Leather watch straps.


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Clip Spring Removing Pliers

Now its easy to remove links on many watch bracelets by both pushing down and pushing out the link clip with this special tip plier.


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Strap-Notching Tool

 This Bergeon watch strap-notching tool allows notching of the lug end of leather and fabric straps for T-bar and attachments. This exceptionally well made tool has a rotating die plate and 6 cutting punches for different sizes and shapes of notch. This is clearly the professional version of strap-notching tools. 


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Watch Bracelet Tool 6819

The latest Bergeon Watch Bracelet Tool for removing link-pins.




Tool to Remove Special & Large Band Screws

To remove screws quickly and safely, blades size is 2.9 mm and two replacements on are in the base.




Watch Band Screw Remover

Screw blade size is 1.0 mm, replacements blades are available.




Bergeon 6744-P-S New Soft Bracelet Pin Remover Base with Standard Width Slots

New Bergeon yellow soft synthetic material pin removing base Bergeon part number 6744-P-S. Especially made for use on precious metal bracelets, without any risk of scratches. Slot sizes: 2.2 mm, 2.6 mm, 3.0 mm, 3.4 mm, 3.8 mm, and 4.0 mm.

Can be used with Bergeon 6745-100, 6745 and 6744.



Bergeon 6744-P1 Bracelet Pin Remover, Base Only Large Slots

Slot sizes: 3.5 mm, 4.0 mm, 4.5 mm, 5.0 mm, 5.5 mm, 6.0 mm, 6.5 mm, and 7.0 mm.




Bergeon 6744-P1-S New Soft Bracelet Pin Remover Base with Large Slots

Yellow soft synthetic material is new from Bergeon and is especially made for use with precious metals bracelets, when you do not want to risk getting scratches on the bracelet from the standard rigid hard synthetic nylon-like material that the normal Bergeon 6744-P and 6744-P1 bases are made of. Dimensions: 53x53x26 mm. Slot sizes: 3.5 mm, 4.0 mm, 4.5 mm, 5.0 mm, 5.5 mm, 6.0 mm, 6.5 mm, and 7.0 mm.

Can be used with Bergeon 6745-100, 6745 and 6744.



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