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Hand & Wheel Removers - Setters


Bergeon #1 Presto Hand Remover Black Handle

 Sized for most wristwatches, this tool provides twin blades that slip under the hub of the hand and a plunger on top that holds the hand once removed. As the sides of the tool are squeezed, the nylon blocks on the dial descend, push on the dial surface, and lift the hand straight off the pinion. I use this tool regularly. I thin down and polish the blades for use on small wristwatches so that they are as thin and smooth as possible. Always protect the dial when using this or any other hand-remover tool. The Presto #6 (FB-405) and Bergeon 6016 (FB-410) are two other very useful tools for wristwatches. If you're going to have only one hand remover for contemporary wristwatches, make it the Presto #6 (FB-405). 


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Bergeon #2 Presto Cannon Pinion & Pocket Watch Hand Remover Green Handle

 This tool is similar to the Presto #1, but without the plunger and with stronger blades. It can also be used on larger (pocket watch) hands and on cannon pinions.

Presto # 2 Cannon Pinion Remover, the ideal tool for removal of ETA 6497 & 6498 cannon pinions.



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Bergeon #3 Presto Wheel Remover Blue Handle

 This three-levered Presto unit is made specifically to pull wheels on third-wheel pinions (usually indirect center seconds) and five-spoke chrongraph driving wheels from their pinions. 


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Bergeon #3A Presto Wheel Remover Red Handle

 This three-bladed Presto unit is made specifically to pull six-spoke wheels from their pinions. 


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Bergeon #4 Presto Wheel Remover Violet Handle

 This Presto unit is made for hands on small clocks with hand pinions between .7 and 1.5 millimeters. See the Presto #7 (FB-406) for a wristwatch-size version of the same tool. 


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Bergeon #6 Presto Hand Remover White Handle

 This Presto is intended for removal of sweep seconds hands, but is excellent for the hour and minute hands of many wristwatches (as well as subsidiary hands like power reserve, date, etc). This is a very useful tool for most watchmakers and along with the Presto #1 (FB-400) and Bergeon 6016 (FB-410) is among my favorites. I use this Presto #6 more than any other hand remover. 


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Bergeon #7 Presto Hand Remover Orange Hand

 This Presto removes wristwatch hands without touching the dial. The tool uses the tip of the hand pinion for leverage rather than the dial surface. Four pinion pushers are available on a rotating wheel, sized from .40 to 1.15 millimeters. This is a useful tool where the nylon blocks of the Presto 1 or Presto 6 might cause damage, or where there is no surface free of mechanism or other hands for them to push on. The Presto 7 is not something you'll use everyday, but when you need it, you'll be glad you have it. 


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Horotec Lever-Type Red Hand Removers for Pocket Watches, 4 MM

Horotec hand levers with aluminium handles, for pocket watches. Tips are 4.00 mm wide. Comes in a pair and includes two Horotec 70.004 dial protector.

MSA 05.008

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Bergeon 6016 Hand Remover

 This is a must-have item for any watchmaker. In addition to removing hands, the 6016 is useful for a variety of tasks. The tapered, thinned tips are pushed under the piece you want to remove and the tool is twisted slightly on the axis of the handle, and then pushed a little further in. You continue this procedure until the part pops off. There are many times when nothing else seems to work quite as well. I have two of these in my bench just in case one falls into The Bermuda Triangle. 


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Screw-Type Hand Removers

 A general-pupose removing tools for hands and wheels that leverages on the top of the pinion holding the part. It's too large for most wristwatch hands, but useful for wheels and other parts. The action is gentle, progressive, and controlled. 


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Bergeon 7404, Set of 3 Hand Setting Tools

Set of three new double ended hand setting tools, Bergeon Swiss made. Contains 7404-1 (0.50 mm x 1.0 mm), 7404-2 (0.80 mm x 1.50 mm) and 7404-3.


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Bergeon Hand Setting Tool 7404-1

 I think this is an indispensable little gem. An knurled handle with a nylon tip (small and larger) on each end is used to push a hand back on to it's pipe. There is a hole in each tip to accommodate any pipes that might protrude above the surface of the hand being attached. The nylon will not mar hands, but a little Rodico should be used to pick up any tiny amount of nylon debris left behind.

Recommended for the smaller hands on quartz watches. Double sided, on one end the diameter of the hole is 0.50 mm and the other end is 1.00 mm. If you have tried to put on quartz hands without this tool you know how hard that can be. This tool is a lifesaver and a timesaver and will also help with hole sizes as large as 1.5 mm.



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Bergeon Hand Setting Tool 7404-2

Made for larger hands on both mechanical movements and chronograph quartz watches. Double sided, on one end the diameter of the hole is 0.80 mm and the other end is 1.50 mm. This tool is a lifesaver and a timesaver and will also help with hole sizes smaller and larger than the listed sizes.




Bergeon Hand Fitting Tool

 This convenient hand setting tool provides a metal base holding a handle and eight tips with hole sizes of .30, .50, .70, 1.15, 1.50, 1.70 mm, solid steel, and solid nylon. It's a very convenient setup.  


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Bergeon Cannon Pinion Remover with Lever and Wooden Handle

For small and large watches, adaptable to all sizes


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Horotec Hand Setter

Eight different nylon hand dies and plugs, spring-loaded easy to use. Screw on die sizes: 0.50mm, 0.70mm, 0.90mm, 1.20mm, 1.50mm, 1.70, flat, and conical.


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Bergeon 5409 Movement Holder for Attaching Hands

This holder allows the attaching (setting) of hands on the movement without putting undue pressure on the center wheel shaft that might displace or damage the top plate jewel. The movement is centered on the surface of the holder, and a pin in the base rises and meets the center wheel jewel on the top plate, supporting it while pressure is applied to the hands.


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Bergeon 6938 Dial Protection

For those who don't want to scratch and damage their dials while removing hands, this Bergeon dial protector is the tool to use. It's made of resistant synthetic material. Thickness of 0.15 mm. Color is off white.


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Bergeon Fine Tip Hand Levers

Pair of fine tip hand levers in hardened steel with a high polished finish. 2.5 mm width x 0.20 mm thickness at the tip. Overall length is 110 mm.


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Bergeon 30018-1 Pair Of Fine Hand Levers

Introducing the brand new Bergeon fine hand levers. You are looking at the Mercedes Benz of all hand levers. This is a must have tool for any watchmaker who only wants the best.

The front part is made of hardened steel with a notch to make it easier for placement. It has "Mirror Polish" tips. The lever angle is approximately 70 degrees for a more comfortable hand removal. It comes in a copper anodized aluminium knurled handle. The length is 105 mm.


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Horotec Lever-Type Red Hand Removers, 2.5 MM

For wrist watches.

Tips are 2.50 mm wide.


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Horotec Set of 4 Hand Setting Tools

Set includes MSA-05.010 (0.5/1.0mm), MSA-05.011 (0.80mm/no hole), MSA-05.012 (1.5/2.0mm), and MSA-05.019 (0.65/1.10mm).


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