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TYMC Watch Tester MTG-4000A MTG-4000A $849.00 $849.00
Tabletop Mini Watchmakers Bench DBP220-1 DBP220-1 $89.00 $89.00
Bergeon 6938 Dial Protection BERG-6938 $1.30 $1.30
Spring Bar 20 mm to fit Rolex FB-7895 $4.00 $4.00
New Classic Watchmakers Bench, Stocked here in our Oakland Warehouse FB-4003 $469.00 $469.00
Bergeon 30026A Pin Vise Set, First-Quality FB-762 $219.00 $219.00
Pin Vise for Holding Hairsprings FB-742 $42.00 $42.00
Bergeon Pin Vise # 5860 BERG-5860 $22.05 $22.05
Sliding-Lock Pin Vise FB-763 $19.65 $19.65
Bergeon Pin Vise # 5679 BERG-5679 $22.05 $22.05
Good Quality Pin Vise Set FB-717 $78.00 $78.00
Stainless Fine Mesh Ultrasonic Tray Insert FB-2616 $13.95 $13.95
Stainless Super Fine Mesh Ultrasonic Tray Insert FB-2615 $14.95 $14.95
Special ETA 6497-1 Movement with Cotes Circulaires Finish & Blue* Screws ETA-6497-CCF $239.00 $239.00
Opitvisor DA-10, 3 1/2 Power, 4" Working Distance FB-630 $44.95 $44.95
ETA 7751 Movement FB-3011 $698.00 $698.00
Grobet Escapement Files Cut 8 Square FB-783 $26.50 $26.50
Collet Tool (G) FB-234 $36.95 $36.95
Swiss-Made Saw FB-2800 $17.35 $17.35
Broken Screw Extractor FB-2832 $95.90 $95.90
Bergeon 30103 Compass in a Box FB-2820 $68.00 $68.00
Bergeon 2795 Mainspring Winder Boxed Set FB-2842 $923.00 $923.00
Bergeon #5355 Mainspring Winder Set Berg-5355 $698.00 $698.00
Padded Croco-Grain Leather 18 mm Black HKRM-667-2-18R $5.00 $5.00
Dial Cleaning Brush Small FB-316 $6.95 $6.95
Lint Free Watch Paper FB-308 $8.50 $8.50
Nice Glass Covered Jar with Ground Edges FB-306 $72.50 $72.50
Horotec Set of 4 Hand Setting Tools MSA-05.020 $46.50 $46.50
Horotec Lever-Type Red Hand Removers for Pocket Watches, 4 MM MSA 05.008 $36.95 $36.95
Bergeon Hand Setting Tool 7404-1 FB-409 $19.80 $19.80
Bergeon #7 Presto Hand Remover Orange Hand FB-406 $63.00 $63.00
Bergeon Balance Holder 30106 FB-130 $41.20 $41.20
Dial Cleaning Brush Large FB-315 $15.95 $15.95
Screw-Type Hand Removers FB-411 $49.00 $49.00
Bergeon 5409 Movement Holder for Attaching Hands FB-415 $103.00 $103.00
ETA 2824-2 NP-25 Jewels Watch Movement ETA 2824-2 NP-25 Jewels $239.00 $239.00
Sellita Swiss Made SW210-1 Incabloc 19 Jewels Watch Movement SELLITA-SW210-1 $129.00 $129.00
ETA 2836-2 Nickel Plated Watch Movement FB-3002NP $239.00 $239.00
ETA 6498-1 Watch Movement, Plain Finish Plates With Novodiac Springs FB-3009-NOV $174.95 $174.95
Bergeon Aplanatic Loupe 5X FB-611 $46.80 $46.80
Complicated Watches and their Repair by Donald de Carle F.B.H. BK-21 $46.30 $46.30
Opitvisor DA-7, 2 3/4 Power, 6" Working Distance FB-632 $44.95 $44.95
Opitvisor DA-5, 2 1/2 Power, 8" Working Distance FB-633 $42.25 $42.25
Opitvisor DA-4, 2 Power, 10" Working Distance FB-634 $42.25 $42.25
Seitz 10X Loupe FB-624 $139.00 $139.00
Optiloupe 2 1/2 Power Accessory Loupe FB-631 $11.49 $11.49
Refills for Large Scratch Brush FB-303 BERG-2834-S $21.60 $21.60
Bundle of Peg Wood 4mm 123.303 $8.65 $8.65
Bergeon Rodico, Single Bar FB-309-1 $5.40 $5.40
Cleaning Baskets, Swiss-Made (16 Millimeter Diameter) FB-311 $29.00 $29.00
Rodico (Box of 30 Bars) FB-310 $112.00 $112.00
Bergeon 7871 Magic Wiper, Single Sheet BERG-7871-1 $14.95 $14.95
Refills for Small Scratch Brush Pen FB-305 $15.10 $15.10
Bergeon Hard Plastic Dust Blower FB-300 $29.98 $29.98
Watch & Clock Encyclopedia BK-1001 $54.50 $54.50
The Watchmakers's and Model Engineer's Lathe Book FB-162.245 $32.95 $32.95
Repairing Old Clocks & Watches FB-162243 $54.80 $54.80
Turning and Milling in Horlogy BK-7810E $58.95 $58.95
The Chronograph, Its Mechanism And Repair BK-2826-E $123.40 $123.40
Practical Clock Repair FB162225 $50.95 $50.95
Book Practical Watch Repair, by Donald de Carle FB-162224 $43.50 $43.50
400 Day Clock Repair Guide 162.219 $38.10 $38.10
Practical Watch Adjusting by Donald de Carle F.B.H.I BK-2600 $48.00 $48.00
Sellita SW210-1 Balance Bridge Part #121 SW210-1#121 $16.00 $16.00
Sellita SW210-1 Ratchet Wheel #415 SW210-1#415 $6.15 $6.15
Sellita SW210-1 4th Wheel #227 Height 2, 5.07 mm SW210-1#227-2 $8.80 $8.80
Sellita SW210-1 Minute Train Bridge Part #462 SW210-1#462 $4.60 $4.60
Bausch & Lomb 7X Loupe FB-606 $10.85 $10.85
Seitz 20X Loupe FB-625 $139.00 $139.00
Bausch & Lomb 10X Triplet-Lens Loupe FB-604 $45.00 $45.00
Opitvisor DA-3, 1 3/4 Power, 14" Working Distance FB-635 $42.25 $42.25
Bausch & Lomb 10X Loupe FB-602 $12.95 $12.95
L & R Extra Fine Watch Cleaning Solution FB-330 $46.50 $46.50
Scratch Brush Pen (Small) FB-304 $16.50 $16.50
Scratch Brush Pen (Large) FB-303 $14.60 $14.60
Bergeon Soft Rubber Flat Bottom Dust Blower FB-302 $16.00 $16.00
Cleaning Baskets, Swiss-Made (23 Millimeter Diameter) FB-312 $29.00 $29.00
Horotec Hand Setter MSA05.021 $79.95 $79.95
Bausch & Lomb 5X Loupe FB-605 $10.85 $10.85
Bergeon Aplanatic Loupe 4 X FB-612 $46.80 $46.80
Bausch & Lomb 4X Loupe FB-603 $10.85 $10.85
Bergeon 10X Aplanatic Loupe FB-610 $46.80 $46.80
Headband for In-the-Eye Loupes FB-601 $5.20 $5.20
Rodico (Two bars) FB-309 $8.70 $8.70
Nice Glass Covered Jar with Ground Edges and a Knob FB-307 $99.95 $99.95
Bundle of Peg Wood 3mm 123.302 $8.40 $8.40
Bag of Pithwood Logs with Husks(assorted sizes) 123.332A $8.50 $8.50
Selvyt Cloths FB-313 $8.86 $8.86
Bergeon Soft Rubber Dust Blower FB-301 $11.49 $11.49
Bag of Pithwood Buttons (assorted sizes) FB-107 $7.80 $7.80
Bergeon Hand Fitting Tool FB-420 $89.10 $89.10
Horotec Lever-Type Red Hand Removers, 2.5 MM MSA-05.007 $36.95 $36.95
Bergeon 7404, Set of 3 Hand Setting Tools BERG-7404 $57.80 $57.80
Bergeon 30018-1 Pair Of Fine Hand Levers BERG-30018-1 $219.45 $219.45

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FedEx Ground (USA- 48 Continental States) $139.69
(EMS MAIL) Express Mail International Service $528.90
EMS) Express Mail Service to Japan, Australia, and New Zealand $561.35
(EMS) Express Mail Service to Mexico and Canada $407.25
(EMS) Express Mail Service to Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Netherlands $361.80
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